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MLB Network’s first broadcast from the new Yankee Stadium really sucked

April 17, 2009 Leave a comment

There, I said it.

Bob Costas and Harold Reynolds irritated the crap out of me today…they barely talked about the game but, instead, focused on the minutia about the two stadiums. 

But the first truly asinine comment in the broadcast was “Nick
Swisher Fan Clubs should be popping up all over the Bronx.”  Yeah, I’m
sure Yankees’ fans want more than one or two Nick Swisher Fan
Clubs–say, a North Bronx Nick Swisher Fan Club, a South Bronx Nick
Swisher Fan Club, and, of course, the Bronx Men With Facial Hair Nick
Swisher Fan Club–guys with beards that live in the North Bronx could
then join TWO Nick Swisher Fan Clubs!

The pinnacle of mediocrity came when Costas started to interview commissioner Bud Selig…Selig started out okay, telling us his first time at the old Yankee Stadium was on his birthday back in 1947…somehow, that got Costas off on a tangent, and talking about a radio broadcast from the 60’s that was from Yankee Stadium (it sounded like he was talking about a boxing match as well)…to which Selig responded, “Two generations of fans have no idea what we are talking about.”  That right there should be a clue as to how off course the conversation had gotten…but Costas continued sucking up to Selig…even delving into how the steroid issue was just about cleaned up…yeah, sure.

Yankees’ fans–congrats on the new looking stadium, including the plexiglass in centerfield that we learned was tested on daily basis to ensure that it didn’t reflect into the hitters’ eyes–I’m just sorry that you had to hear all crap commentary made during the first broadcast from your new ballpark.

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Sabathia gone to N.Y.–Cameron next?

December 12, 2008 1 comment

C.C. Sabathia agreed to a record 7-year, $161 million deal with the Yankees on Wednesday…not Yanks’ GM Brian Cashman is trying to pry centerfielder Mike Cameron away, by trading their centerfielder, Melky Cabera, and possibly another player for Cameron.  Tom Haudricourt of says the trade is looking like a real possibility, as the Brewers are looking for youth (Cabrera is 24) and a left-handed bat (Cabrera is a switch-hitter).

My take…Cabrera has been a fantasy baseball owners’ “sleeper prospect” evert season since 2006, never reaching the potential everyone thought he had.  A career .268 hitter over 3+ seasons, his time with the impatient Yankees seems to be over, and Melvin is willing to roll the dice.

As for the Rule 5 draft, the Crew lost catcher Lou Palmisano to the Orioles in the MLB portion of the draft, meaning that Palmisano will have to stay with the parent club or be offered back to the Crew; in that same section of the draft, Melvin snared Eddie Morlan from the Rays’ AA affiliate for help in the bullpen.  There’s a good chance that they won’t make the MLB roster for the entire year–but the $25,000 cost ($50,000 upfront less $25,000 which comes back to the acquiring club if the original team wants the player back) is worth it, even for just a month or two.

Morlan has an above average fastball (92-94 mph)…no word on whether it moves or comes straight in.

The Crew also added four in the AAA phase–the Cubs’ Mark Holliman, a RHP, second baseman Jonathan Ash, and shortstops Shane Justis and Juan Sanchez…all must remain at AAA Nashville (or higher), meaning Melvin is now loaded with additional infielder options should Bill Hall and Rickie Weeks continue to under perform in ’09.  It also means that new Sounds’ manager Don Money is willing and able to move SS prospect Elcides Escobar to another position.

I believe the Brewers’ 40-man now stands at 38 players with the addition of Morlan…so only room for two more….