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Bill Hall Traded to Seattle

Well, it wasn’t for Bronson Arroyo or Aaron Harang, but Bill Hall is no longer a Milwaukee Brewer.  In return, the Brewers receive minor league reliever Ruben Flores.

Tom Haudricourt updated his first blog post, saying that the Brewers will also be paying a large portion of Hall’s salary — crediting, he notes that the Brewers will pay the rest of Hall’s salary this year, as well as a large chunk of next year’s salary (as much as $7.15 million).

I guess it’s better than just eating the entire contract by releasing him, but it’s also less than what many were expecting to get in a trade for Hall, even if the Brewers would’ve had to add in some mid-level prospects to sweeten the pot.  For as frustrating as Hall has been the past couple years, he takes with him plenty of good memories, too.  For that reason, I hope he can find his swing again and become a solid contributor.  With any luck, Flores will contribute something in a bullpen role.


Is Another Trade Coming?

Here’s one for the folks who like to look for any small signs of a trade — super prospect Alcides Escobar was removed in the 6th inning of tonight’s Nashville Sounds game.  And there is no longer a team listed next to his name when you search for him on  

Uh oh.
Perhaps it isn’t as bad as it looks for those of us who absolutely do not want to see Escobar traded in the next week.  After all, if you click on his name in that same search, the Nashville Sounds logo is still on his player profile.  And there’s the possibility that if a trade was made, it includes J.J. Hardy — not Escobar — and Esco is just on his way to join the Major League squad.
What we do know is that trade talks between the Brewers and the Seattle Mariners have heated up in the past 24 hours.  Jarrod Washburn — a native Wisconsinite — is scheduled to make his next start on Tuesday for the Mariners.  The Brewers have not committed to a Tuesday starter despite calling up Tim Dillard prior to the series finale against Atlanta.  Tom Haudricourt has confirmed that the Brewers are interested in Washburn.  Adam McCalvy spoke to Ken Macha earlier today, and it seems like the Brewers’ manager is convinced something is going to happen soon.  
If there is a move, we’ll likely hear about it in the next 24 hours, due to Washburn’s schedule. Let’s just hope the Brewers aren’t going to give up Alcides Escobar in a trade for a mediocre lefty with a lifetime 4.00+ ERA.  I wouldn’t even be happy to see Hardy go in that trade, unless Washburn was just part of a package coming back to Milwaukee.  We’ll see what ends up happening, but you can’t say things aren’t getting interesting in the final week before the deadline.