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Heyman: Macha Likely to Return

September 23, 2009 1 comment

According to’s Jon Heyman, Ken Macha is expected to return as manager of the Milwaukee Brewers next season, with one caveat — he likely won’t be getting an extension.

That would make Macha a lame duck manager in 2010, which would go against everything we’ve come to expect from GM Doug Melvin.  We’re talking about the guy who quietly gave Ned Yost a (largely undeserved) contract extension after the 2007 collapse just to avoid having Yost enter the 2008 season in the last year of his deal.

While Macha seems to be returning, Heyman’s source makes it seem like that won’t be the case for pitching coach Chris Bosio.  It makes sense that Bosio would be given an interview and a chance to keep the job in the offseason, but we’re being given the impression that he won’t be brought back.  Whether or not that’s fair is up to debate — as interim pitching coach, it’s certainly not Bosio’s fault that the team had little-to-no starting pitching depth, but he’s the easy target for “improvement.”

Considering how the team has struggled to get comfortable under Macha’s watch, it’s hard to feel good about this report.  The only comfort to be gained is that Macha should and probably will be on a very short leash on 2010. 


Brewers 2010 Schedule Highlights

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

September is dragging along at an excruciatingly slow pace, and it doesn’t help when your team is giving 15 free passes in a game against their biggest rival (four of which scored runs since the bases were loaded).  Luckily, there’s some light on the horizon — the Brewers unveiled their 2010 schedule yesterday, and here are the basics you need to know:

  • Milwaukee gets the AL West for Interleague games, in addition to the usual Twins home-and-home.  The Brewers will play host to the Mariners and Rangers, and will travel to Orange County to face the Angels.  Curiously, they do not play the Athletics.  The Brewers haven’t played Oakland since 2002.
  • With the Mariners coming into Milwaukee, Seattle is still one of two AL cities in which the Brewers have not played since joining the National League — they’ve also never played at Yankee Stadium in Interleague action.
  • The Brewers open the season at home with a six-game homestand against Colorado and St. Louis.  It’s good to see the Rockies open the season as opposed to the Cards — traditionally it’s been much tougher to sell tickets to those Rockies games, while games against the Redbirds usually sell well.
  • Once again, the Brewers will play in the Cubs’ home opener.  It seems like this is becoming a bit of a tradition, doesn’t it?
  • The Brewers will get three home series against Chicago, two against St. Louis.
  • There will be two nine-game homestands: Minnesota-Seattle-Houston to close out June and San Diego-Los Angles-Pittsburgh near the end of August.
  • The Brewers start the season as road warriors, playing 19 of 25 games spanning April and May on the road.  This includes a nine-game, 11-day road trip through Chicago, Washington, and Pittsburgh.  After a quick six-game homestand, the Brewers head out West to play San Diego, Los Angeles, and Arizona in a nine-game, 10-day trip.
  • The 2010 season will end with a seven-game road trip — a four-game series at Citi Field against the Mets will precede the season finale in Cincinnati.