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Royals Sign Kendall

To a two-year deal estimated at $4 million, nonetheless. Good luck with that one.

At least the Royals’ GRIT ratings are about to go through the roof. Sure, no one on the team can hit for power or even really get on base, but there’s sure going to be a lot of dirty uniforms and pine-tarred helmets. Meanwhile, the Brewers will be going with the leader of the Zaunbie Nation behind the plate this year. I know who I prefer (little-known fact: there is no “CTRL” key on Gregg Zaun’s keyboard, because he’s always in control).

At least Kendall’s a super-tough 3-time All-Star, so the Royals have that going for them, which is nice. I was going to say that he’s still a .300 hitter, but his years in Milwaukee have knocked him down to a .290 average. I also noticed that for the low price of $20, you can sponsor Kendall’s baseball-reference page, which is coincidentally the price the Royals probably should have paid him for his services.

Edit: Jason Kendall facts are all the rage on Twitter right now. Follow us @BrewersBar and share some of your favorites. My favorite so far: Jason Kendall produces so little power, he’s certified green.

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