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Thoughts on the latest Brewers’ rumors

Tom Haudricourt of JSOnline.com has posted three interesting player moves that the Brewers and GM Doug Melvin are looking at:

  1. Signing FA SP Randy Wolf to a 3-year deal
  2. Dealing SP Jeff Suppan to the Dodgers for OF Juan Pierre
  3. Trading OF Corey Hart to the Mets for SP John Maine

Haudricourt notes that the Dodgers are interested in a 3-way deal for Pierre (for what reason, no one knows) and are interested in acquiring a cheaper, shorter-term contract than Pierre’s $18.5 million, 2-year committment. Obviously, the trade with the Dodgers and Mets provide synergy to each other–just adding Pierre means the Crew has an extra outfielder, while just adding Maine means the Brewers would be short an outfielder.

Both trades are iffy at best at this point…but assuming the Mets and Dodgers’ Winter Meeting teams know about these rumors (they should), the combination may result in a “perfect storm” for the Brewers. Haudricourt speculates that the Brewers would want cash from the Dodgers, something that the Dodgers aren’t likely to do. My guess is that the Mets would want a prospect in the deal, and the Dodgers might be persuaded to take care of that. This could also be a trade to include Hernan Iribarren or even Jeremy Jeffress.

The moves would require moving Carlos Gomez to right field…but would leave the Crew with a rotation of Gallardo, Wolf, Maine, Parra, and Bush…a very formidable rotation…if Wolf and Maine can stay healthy all year.

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