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Observations on Brewers’ current 40-man roster

After adding catcher George Kotteras, outfielder Lorenzo Cain, and pitcher Amaury Rivas, the Brewers now have 36 of the 40 roster spots filled after the removal of the 9 free agents. Somethings I find interesting:

1. Why is Tim Dillard still on the 40-man over Mike Jones? Jones, the Brewers’ #1 pick in 2001, turns 27 in April is now eligible for the Rule V draft, according to the analysis done by BrewCrewBall.com. True, Jones posted a 6.53 ERA over 20.67 IP for the AAA Sounds last year…but Dillard, who turns 27 in July, had a 4.51 ERA and has shown no signs of improvement, plus has struggled when pitching for the parent club.

2. A replacement is still needed for Frank Catalanotto…unless they think Lorenzo Cain is ready to be a 5th outfielder.

3. If they plan on promoting catcher Jonathan Lucroy to the parent club next year, they’ll need to add him to the 40-man…meaning only 3 spots remain.

4. If Mark Mulder is signed and added, only 2 spots remain.

5. If they add John Lackey or another free agent starter, only 1 spot remains.

6. They could open up Dave Bush’s spot if they elect to not offer him arbitration.

7. Even without the Bush release, they’ll likely have at least one spot available at the Rule V draft…but, odds are, they’ll pass during the MLB phase and go for an arm in the AAA phase…which, i believe, does not have to be added to the 40-man.

8. AAA starters Chris Cody and Mike Burns were not added and–according to Brew Crew Ball–eligible to be taken. Neither appear ready to be a full-time starter in the major leagues, and the Brewers would likely lose only one, at most. If so, the Brewers would need to add an arm during the AAA portion to keep Nashville stocked with potential starters.

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