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Brew Crew’s ’09 home season ends

The 2009 Milwaukee Brewers played their final game at Miller Park this season, finishing with a loss to bring the home portion of their schedule to 40-41.  This means that the Brewers will have to finish 41-40 on the road to reach .500, or go 4-2 on this final 6-game road trip in Denver and St. Louis.

While I think the team did about as well as many of us thought that they would–hover just around .500 after losing CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets–disappointment that the team couldn’t maintain last year’s success is being felt by most fans…especially when you consider they years that Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun had.

One thing is clear–some pieces need to be replaced…particularly in the starting rotation.  How and when they unfold remains a mystery–while Yovani Gallardo and Manny Parra have been relatively steady for their age, Jeff Suppan, Braden Looper, and Dave Bush are all expendable.  However, Suppan has a huge contract for 2010 that no other team will want to touch (except the Cubs’ if they are really that interested in dumping Milton Bradley), and Dave Bush is viewed as a workhorse, despite being inconsistent.  And all indications are that Doug Melvin will exercise the Brewers’ option on Braden Looper for 2010.  Internal candidates are few and far between, although Chris Narveson is likely to get two more starts and–if he pitches well in those two meaningless starts–certainly has made a case to be considered for starting next year.

After an off day, Brew Crew fans still have Bob Uecker on the radio before the playoffs begin…and, of course, I think there might be a big football game next week to look forward to as well.

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