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First look at Brewers’ 2010 AAA rotation

It will be announced later today (Friday) whether Brewers’ starter Yovani Gallardo will be shut down for the remainder of 2009 and if Josh Butler will make Gallardo’s scheduled start on Saturday.

Butler would be the 10th pitcher to start for the Brewers this season–besides the original five starters, Mike Burns, Carlos Villanueva, Seth McClung and Chris Narveson have all made at least one start for the Crew.

While McClung and Villanueva are likely to return to the parent club’s bullpen in ’10, Narveson and Burns are likely to be the top starters for AAA Nashville next year provided, of course, that the pitching coaches feel that they project as starters and have success in Maryvale next year.  Their starter numbers for the Brewers to date and their overall AAA stats are:


Brewers:  3-4, 6.86 ERA, 8 GS, 40.67 IP, 30 K’s to 13 BB’s;

AAA:  8-3, 2.62 ERA, 14 GS, 92.67 IP, 63 K’s to 16 BB’s (also starter stats) 


Brewers:  0-0, 6.00 ERA, 1 GS, 3.0 IP, 2 K’s to 3 BB’s

AAA:  4-4, 3.70 ERA, 6 GS, 75.33 IP, 76 K’s to 26 BB’s

…as a starter at AAA: 1-1, 4.08 ERA, 6 GS, 35.33 IP, 33 K’s to 15 BB’s

If Butler makes two or three starts–and is somewhat successful–he’ll likely get a shot at the Sounds’ rotation next year, too.  Butler went 1-1, 3.60, 3 GS, 15.0 IP, 15 K’s to 1 BB at Nashville this year as a 25 year-old.

Besides Burns, Narveson, and Butler, look for Chris Cody (8-8, 4.90 in AAA) to remain in the Sounds’ rotation next year; Cody was acquired from the Tigers and was promoted to AAA midseason, and cooled off after a hot start.  The fifth starter will likely be former #1 pick Mike Jones (1-2, 6.53) or former Brewer starter Chris Capuano.

This means that ’09 Sounds’ starters Tim Dillard, Lindsay Gulin, and Chase Wright will either be traded, released, or sent to the bullpen.  It also means that the Brewers will have five bonafide options for their parent club rotation should an injury occur or one or more starters struggle.

Also look for Mark Rogers to join AA Huntsville sometime next year. 


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  1. Jaymes Langrehr
    September 19, 2009 at 9:39 am

    I think Narveson is much more likely to stick around than Burns, but they could both easily be gone after ST next year. Narveson doesn’t have any options remaining, and if he’s solid but the Brewers have no room for him, you’d have to think there’s someone out there who’d be interested in him.
    If Butler’s solid in any starts the Brewers give him to close out this season and again in ST, I could see him maybe pushing for a 5th starter spot and taking off from there.
    Cody probably stays in AAA next year, and as good as he was at times this year, I don’t see him as being much of a prospect. What he’s been able to do in the minors so far, though, is pretty impressive considering the Brewers got him for Jose Capellan.
    Of the other names you mentioned, I think the only thing keeping Wright around in the minors is the fact that he has options left. Gulin and Dillard aren’t bad as far as AAA fodder go. I could also see Nick Green bouncing back and pitching well for Nashville after being demoted to AA this year…he’s a guy who I had a lot of hopes for when they claimed him from the Angels, but for whatever reason hasn’t put it together.

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