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Melvin Looking for Hall Suitors

I didn’t think it was possible, but apparently there are teams interested in acquiring Bill Hall.  Rumors have been circulating about the Reds possibly being interested ever since Hall was designated for assignment.  According to Adam McCalvy, there may be something to those rumors.

In his latest blog entry, McCalvy reports that Doug Melvin is “working on something” in regards to Hall.  As the mlb.com reporter notes, the Brewers don’t have to make a decision on Hall until Friday, but it appears Melvin may find a taker before the end of the work week.

Melvin declined to comment on trade talks, as usual, but Cincinnati would be the most obvious trade partner.  Hall has always hit well at Great American Ballpark (and against the Reds in general) and he wouldn’t have to adjust to any new opposing pitchers.  The Reds could use a guy who can play anywhere in the infield, considering Scott Rolen requires regular rest to stay healthy and they just traded Alex Gonzalez to Boston.  The Reds also have something the Brewers desperately need — starting pitching.  There have been rumors that the Reds are peddling Bronson Arroyo and Aaron Harang — two pitchers who are outrageously overpaid, just like Hall. 

If anything, it makes sense in terms of filling needs and swapping overpaid talent.  Harang is scheduled to make $12.5 million next season, with a 2011 option for $12.75 million that can be bought out for $2 million.  Arroyo, meanwhile, is owed $11 million next year with another $11 million tied into a 2011 option. 

We’ll see what happens, but if I had to choose between the two, I’d probably go with Harang.  He’s shown to at least be a fairly above-average pitcher when healthy, but has been run into the ground by Cincinnati’s various managers the past few years.  In the off chance that he’ll enter next season fully rested and not being counted on to carry a pitching staff, he’ll provide a lot more to the team than Arroyo, who’s been extremely average his entire career.  Adding Arroyo would be no different than bringing back Braden Looper next year or signing a Doug Davis type. 

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