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’09 Amateur Draft: An overview as to who the Brewers might pick

This coming Tuesday evening, Major League Baseball has its annual Amateur Draft, where all 30 teams draft around 50 players apiece to stock their farm system today and, they hope, find future MLB stars of tomorrow.

Doug Melvin and Bruce Seid will probably pick pitchers “early and often” according to Adam McCalvy at MLB.com.

As part of my “research” for the MVN Mock Draft, I came across a number of players that the Brewers could (or could not) have their sites on (one caveat: I am too broke to pay for Baseball America’s Mock Draft picks or ESPN/Keith Law’s projections, so these are strictly those in the public domain):

Round #1, pick #26

Round #1, pick #39 (Supplemental pick)

  • Kentrail Davis, OF, Tennessee, .308/9/30 {ranked #39 by Baseball America}
  • Madison Younginer, RHP, Mauldin HS (SC) {was on one of Andy Seiler’s earlier rankings; #45 on BA list}

Remaining picks in the top 100…#47, #73, #74

  • Keyvius Sampson, RHP, Forest HS (FL) {#47 by BA}
  • Victor Black, RHP, Dallas Baptist CC {On Haudricourt’s list, #50 on BA’s list}
  • D. J. LaMahieu, 2B, LSU {#73 on BA’s list}
  • Jacob Stewart, OF, Rocky Mountain HS (CA) {#74 on BA’s list}
  • Ryan Buch, RHP, Monmouth CC {mentioned by Haudricourt, #90 on BA’s list}

Picks #105, #136, #166, #196 and beyond

  • Dell Howell, LHP, Alabama {#105 on BA’s list}
  • Derek McCallum, 2B, Minnesota {#136 on BA’s list}
  • Matt Thompson, RHP, San Diego State {#166 on BA’s list}
  • Jonathan Thompson, 1B, Millikan HS (CA) {#196 on BA’s list}
  • Kevin James, LHP, Whitefish Bay HS (WI) {BA Wisconsin player rank #1 via Haudricourt}
  • Joel Effertz, RHP, Ladysmith HS (WI) {WI ranking #2}
  • Charlie Markson, OF, Whitefish Bay HS (WI) {WI ranking #3}
  • Adam Walker, C/3B, Milwaukee Lutheran (WI) {WI ranking #4}
  • Jason Hooper, RHP, UW-Whitewater {WI ranking #5}
  • Nick Rice, LHP, Madison Area Technical College {WI ranking #6}
  • Tim Suminski, LHP, Parkway Christian HS (WI) {WI ranking #7}
  • Aaron Dott, LHP, UW-Whitewater {WI list on MLB.com}
  • Cody Griebling, RHP, Madison Area Technical College {WI list on MLB.com}
  • Brad Schrieber, RHP, Kimberly HS (WI) {WI list on MLB.com}
  • Bo Doney, RHP, Mineral Point HS (WI) {nephew of a co-worker}

I can’t wait until Tuesday night to see who the Crew takes!

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  1. June 9, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    MLB.com is predicting Trout as well as of Tuesday morning…the buzz seems that the Crew is going to take the best player available and that the wealth of pitchers may be depleted by their pick…we’ll know tonight.

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