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Rainout puts Brewers’ rotation in flux

With Friday night’s game against the Cardinals getting rained out–and Brewers’ ace Yovani Gallardo only throwing 30 pitches, skipper Ken Macha’s rotation is now altered.  The Brew Crew and Cards will make up the game Monday night–what was an off day–and Gallardo could either pitch then, or on Tuesday.  So the new rotation is:

Saturday: #2 Suppan
Sunday: #3 Parra
Monday: #1 Gallardo or #4 Looper
Tuesday: #1 Gallardo or #4 Looper
Wednesday: #5 Bush

The only impact in the coming week will be whether Gallardo tries to go on 72 hours rest for the make-up game, or if Macha opts to start Looper a day earlier and on his normal four days of rest and give Gallardo an extra day and start fresh with the Astros in Houston on Tuesday.

Either way, Gallardo won’t pitch again until Saturday or Sunday instead of his slated start on Wednesday or Thursday.  Down the road, however, it will be a great excuse for Ken Macha to alter his rotation–in other words, the next time there is an off day (or rainout), Macha can adjust the starters, either by moving Suppan and/or Parra back, or Looper up.  Macha can now tweek the order without having to worry as much about signaling a lack of confidence in one of his starters.

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