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Brewers’ 180º turn in April keeps fans guessing

The Brewers went 3-8 in the first half of their April schedule…only to go 9-2 in the second half of April, leaving Brewers’ fans wondering, (a) are the Brewers going to do this all year, e.g. have a real dry spell, followed by a winning streak, and/or (b) which of these two teams are the real 2009 Milwaukee Brewers?

Odds are that the ’09 Brewers will settle into something in-between–in other words, a team that wins 3-of-5 and then wins 2-of-5, etc….  But, for now, the Crew is sitting alone in 2nd place, just 3 games back of first place St. Louis in the loss column.

The “Jekyll and Hyde” routine extends beyond the team–Ryan Braun, the team’s best hitter last season, and now hitting .317 at the end of April, started the year by going 4-for-8 (.500) in the first two games, then 1-for-18 (.055) over the next five games, then 18-for-38 (.473) over the next ten games, then ending with a 3-for-18 (.167) over the last five games.

I guess the only thing we can conclude is that you can’t really predict how the Brewers will do on any given night…which makes every game important and interesting.

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