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Brews drop 2nd to Phils

Philadelphia 7, Milwaukee 3
Chicago @ Houston (postponed)
Brewers 6.0 back in NL Central (7.0 in loss column)…elimination number=10
Brewers 2.0 ahead in NL Wild Card (2.0 in loss column)…elmination number =13
After a 6-3 loss on Thursday, and a rain out on Friday, the Crew desperately wanted (read: needed) a win Saturday in Philly. But Manny Parra didn’t have his stuff, gave up 5 runs, all earned, over just 1 1/3rd innings, and the Phils took the second game, 7-3, to move within 2 games for a tie in the NL Wild Card.
Two bits of weird news:
1. The Brewers’ fired AAA manager Frank Kremblas after a 59-81 season this year. Kremblas had put together division champions in 2005, 2006, and 2007, but could do little with the sparse talent left there this year after the parent club had drained all the talent out of there.
2. The Cubs at Astros series is going to be moved from Hurricane struck Houston to…Milwaukee? Yup. Despite objections from Astros’ fans and former Brewer and current Astro Mark Loretta, who thinks it will be like a Cubs’ home game, MLB decided to do what is best so as to avoid a drawn out playoff at the end of the season (guess Round Rock was too small?). News flash Mark–as much as we’d like to see the Astros lose, Milwaukee fans will be cheering for you, Carlos Lee, and Cecil Cooper to punish the Northsiders.

  1. Angry Mets Fan
    September 14, 2008 at 8:42 pm

    I know our bullpen blew two games to the Braves this weekend, but geez, Brewers. Can’t even win one lousy game in Philly to help us out?
    Thanks for nothing.

  2. MJ Kasprzak
    September 14, 2008 at 10:39 pm

    Really! We choke a four game series against the Cubbies with the division lead on the line (at home, no less!), then we choke a four game series against the Phils, where if we win just ONE we hold onto the wild card! Why go out and trade to win now if you still can’t? FIRE NED YOST!!!

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