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An apology to CC

Guess I missed the recent CNNSI.com article entitled, “Punctuation purge: New Brewers P Sabathia ditches dots in ‘CC’.”
I had wondered from the start where the periods had gone…I noticed on many websites, including the site that runs our fantasy baseball league, that it was “CC,” not “C.C.” I initially had thought it was an oversight, but realized that these sites were still going with “J.J. Hardy,” “B.J. Ryan,” and “J.D. Drew.” In my desire to be as proper a writer as possible, I went with the standard…I did do a search on one of the most popular search engines (rhymes with “Doogle”) and found nothing…but my second attempt resulted in finding the above article.
I apologize CC.
I would also like to acknowledge that the other blogger on this site, Jesse Motiff, as far as I know, has been writing it correctly all along.
So…that only leaves one unanswered question left…”Why do the Brewers untuck their shirts after each victory?” My sister-in-law Cathy pointed this out to me, and all I can gather is that it is some superstition that a Brewers’ player came up with…if anyone knows who, when, where, or why this ‘untucking’ started, please let us know…thanks.

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  1. Michael Henk
    July 24, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    They told the shirt story on FSN last night, maybe the night before.
    It started with Cameron, whose done it his entire career, as a tribute to his dad, who, as the story went, would come home and untuck his shirt after a good days work. It caught on from him, apparently.

  2. Keith Davis
    July 25, 2008 at 9:28 am

    Michael Henk is correct, just wanted to add that they only do it when they win.

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